3 Home Improvement Projects Best Done During Spring

Cold days are behind us. It’s time to revive your home with some much-needed home improvement projects this spring. Your experts in replacement windows in Columbus are here to help you get started. Here are our suggestions:

1. Inspect the home.

Your house can take a severe beating during winter. Your windows and doors are constantly exposed to the elements, so it’s a good idea to check up on them once the weather clears. When doing a spring inspection, watch out for gaps, cracks, and other physical damage that can cause air leaks. Pay attention to signs of molding, rotting, or corroding—if your units exhibit them, it may be time to get replacements. For the most accurate diagnosis of your home’s conditions, call in an expert to do the inspection for you. [Read more...]

Understanding Air Leaks and How They Damage the Home

Air leaks are a nuisance for many homes in the U.S. They can waste a lot of your energy dollars, as well as cause problems for indoor air quality. Getting high-quality replacement windows in Columbus Ohio can save you a lot of trouble. Here’s how.

Air Leaks: When the House Behaves Like a Chimney

In order to understand air leaks, there are two key concepts you’d want to grasp. First, cold air is denser than warm air. Second, a phenomenon called the stack effect can push and pull air through a building. [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Windows: Focus on Energy Efficiency

How do you choose your windows? Many homeowners put beauty at the top of the list. This is fine—your windows should improve curb appeal and overall aesthetics, after all—but your experts in window replacement in Columbus Ohio have another thing in mind you might want to consider.

When you select windows, look for the ENERY STAR logo. These units can keep you comfortable indoors and reduce your bills at home.

In a Label: The ENERGY STAR Story

The ENERGY STAR program was started in 1992 in accordance with the Clean Air Act. Its aim was to help home and business owners find ways to save more and protect the environment at the same time. [Read more...]

Andersen®Sets New Corporate Sustainability Goals

The best contractors for Powell windows don’t just install high-quality products in area homes; they do their part for the environment as well. Last month, top manufacturer Andersen® Corporation and its replacement window subsidiary, Renewal by Andersen®, signed the Ceres Climate Declaration in support of sustainable business practices in the building industry.

In addition, the top-rated corporation announced new corporate sustainability goal sit hopes to achieve by 2020. The company plans to reduce solid waste, energy and water usage by 20% per unit of product. Andersen is the first among U.S. window and door companies to lay out such clear and measurable goals for sustainable development. [Read more...]