Advantages of Double-Pane Windows

When it comes to your Columbus windows‘ energy efficiency, the glass plays an integral role. In fact, if the glass in your window is not designed to be energy-efficient, the sun’s heat or the cold air can easily enter your home through your windows, and at the same time, valuable energy can leak out. This will certainly lead to a spike in your energy consumption and of course, your energy bills. [Read more...]

Home Indoor Air Quality and Energy Savings

We all know that a beautifully crafted window will make a house more pleasing to the eye. That’s because the windows are one of the most visible parts of a house, both from the interior and the exterior. And if you choose the right window style to suit your home’s overall appearance, it will certainly improve the mood and feel inside as well as enhance your home’s curb appeal. [Read more...]

3 Great Things You Can Get from Renewal by Andersen®

There are many things you need to consider when getting replacement windows in Columbus Ohio. In no particular order, this includes your budget, home design, schedule, and professional installers. We at Renewal by Andersen® of Columbus, Ohio take pride in our commitment to provide excellent door and window replacements. We are the go-to contractor in the Ohio region for a wide selection of top-quality replacement windows and patio doors. [Read more...]

How Windows Contribute to the Cooling of Your Home

Cooling and heating systems are the most frequently used equipment in many homes. According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling systems release over half a billion tons of carbon dioxide, which greatly contribute to climate change. You can do something to reduce this escalating concern. As your experts in replacement windows in Columbus OH, we at Renewal by Andersen® of Columbus, Ohio, believe that your windows can bring something to the table, especially for your cooling needs. [Read more...]