Window Style Series: Frame It with Picture Windows

If your home offers a panoramic view of Ohioan nature, you can enjoy it more if you invest in sleek and stylish picture windows. While any window style can give you a glimpse of the world outside, these windows make the most of it. The fact that these also help boost your home’s value is another plus. [Read more...]

3 Common Questions on Energy Saving

Every homeowner gets concerned about energy savings, especially when there’s a spike in their monthly bills. This puts a strain on the household, especially in terms of comfort. Whether it’s keeping the home cool in the summer, or warm in the winter, energy consumption is tightly linked to the home’s comfort and functionality. [Read more...]

Window Maintenance Tips for Fall

Fall is upon us. When it comes to preparing your home for the season, be sure to work on your windows. Well-maintained windows mean increased curb appeal and home security. These will also help your home stay warm in the coming winter. [Read more...]