September 11, 2019

Get Your Home Ready for Cold Weather

Fall is on its way, so now is the time to start thinking about prepping your windows for the chilly air. It never hurts to take a few extra measures to keep your home warm this fall and winter.

Weather Stripping

Check around your windows to see if any weatherstripping has been broken or if there are any gaps. If so, replace it to seal any air leaks, and remember that Renewal by Andersen’s 10 year limited warranty covers weatherstripping.

Lock Your Windows

While keeping your windows locked is a good safety measure, it’s also great for preventing cold drafts. Many people unknowingly let cold air in by leaving their windows unlocked.

Draft Snakes

Use fabric tubes, also known as draft snakes, to prevent cold air from sneaking in by placing them on window sills or under doors. These tubes are affordable to buy or DIY by measuring your windows, sewing a tube of fabric that length and filling it with dried rice.

Insulated Curtains

Adding layered or insulated curtains will help prevent frigid air from getting into your home. You can buy insulated curtains with built-in thermal backing or use heavy fabrics or layered curtains to help block out the draft.

Make sure your windows are properly insulated to reduce your energy use and lower your home’s heating costs. Follow these tips or, for a simpler solution, replace your old windows with Renewal by Andersen and save the stress and worry this season. Contact us for more information.


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