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    A piece of window trim attached to the wall underneath the interior stool (ineterior sill).

    Awning Window

    Hinged at the top, opens outward from the bottom with a crank, push bar, or manually operated using pressure hinges.


    Also called a balancer. Mechanical device used on double-hung windows to counterbalance the weight of each sash during opening and closing. There are four balances in a double-hung window.


    A milled wood trim piece that covers the gap between the window frame and the exterior of the building. On traditional wood windows, the brick mould is nailed through to attach the window to the wall.


    The transfer of heat through a fluid material such as air due to differences in fluid density and the effects of gravity.

    Divided Light

    A window having several small glass panes held in place by muntins within the window sash.

    Drip Cap

    A type of flashing, often made from sheet metals, installed at the head of a window or door and extending to the exterior claddings. Used to divert water to the exterior or block the flow of water into the gap between the head jamb of a window or door and the wall. (See Flashing)


    A window opening providing a secondary means of escape or rescue in an emergency. Various state or local codes have restrictiosn affecting the clear opening height and width a window must possess if it is a designated egress window.


    The process of forcing heated materials such as aluminum or vinyl through a die to produce specified shapes.

    Fusion Weld

    A manufacturing process for fusing sash or frame components together. The lineal ends are thermally softened with a hot plate, then welded to form a structural bond. Used in vinyl window manufacture and the manufacture of Renewal by Andersen products.

    Gas Fill

    Gas, typically argon or krypton, is placed between glazing panels to suppress conduction and convection (reduces the U-Factor).


    Decorative element that visually divides the glass into a desired pattern. Also called muntins. (Renewal by Andersen offers aluminum grilles between-the-glass(GBG) or wood snap-on grilles (removable) for interior glass surface.)

    Head Jamb

    The topmost component of the window or door frame. The window sash sets against it.

    High-Performance™ Low-E4® Sun Glass

    Andersen Corporation's brand name for a slightly gray-tintedlow emissivity glazing system deisgned for southern climates or windows in rooms where heat buildup (solar heat gain) is a factor.


    The place where a mechanism of one panel/sash connect tightly with the corresponding mechanism of an adjacent panel/sash, as in patio doors, gliding and double-hung windows.


    The members that make up the sides and head of a window frame.

    Jamb Cover (Liner)

    Material used to trim off visible surfaces on windows and doors. They're often used to create travel channels and weatherstrip shoulders and can hide and protect functional hardware such as double-hung balancers.


    The hardware piece where the lock engages on teh sash. Jamb Cover.


    Abbreviation for low emissivity, a glass coating process that allows most of the sun's visible spectrum to pass through the interior and reflects most heat energy back to its source (in cold weather, a low-E coating reflects radiant energy back into the house; in hot weather, it reflects the sun's heat energy back to the outside). A variety of low-E coatings are offered by glass manufacturers, with varying degrees of efficiency.

    Meeting Rails

    The two horizontal members of a double-hung sash that meet and are locked together when the window is closed. Also called check rail.

    Mull Post/Muntin

    A strip of wood or metal separating and holding panes of glass in a window.


    National Fenestration Rating Council. An independent agency established in 1992 to test and rate window and door products. Also see Energy Rating.

    Outside Stop

    On an older wood window, a piece of external wood trim attached to each side jamb that defines the outer edge for the upper sash channel. Also called blind stop.


    A sheet of glass; a compartment in a door or window containing a sheet of glass.


    The end view shape of a lineal piece of the extruded or milled material.


    A measure of resistance to heat flow; a higher value indicates better heat-insulating property.

    Rough Opening

    The opening in a wall where a window or door will be installed.

    Storm Window

    A seasonal second window installed on the outside or inside of a window to provide additional insulation or protection from bad weather and allow ventilation.

    Tempered Glass

    Treated glass strengthened by reheating and then sudden cooling; up to four times stronger than normal glass (See Safety Glass.)

    TruScene® Insect Screen

    A nearly invisible micro-fine stainless steel mesh insect screen that is one-third the diameter of a standard screen wire and allows over 50% more clarity than an Andersen conventional insect screen.


    Sometimes called U-Value. A measure of the thermal efficiency of a window or a window component. Measures the amount of heat transferred through windows. Them athematical reciprocal of the same comonent or window R-Value.

    Unit Dimension (UD)

    The UD is the precise size of the window (unit) when measured in width and height from the outermost edge of the window frame, not including any installation flange or brick mould.

    Vinyl-Clad Window

    A window with exterior wood parts covered with extruded vinyl.


    A narrow strip of material placed between window sashes or door panels and frame to keep out rain, air, etc. May take many different forms, depending on product design and usage.

    Window Hardware

    Mechanical devices and attaching hardware such as locks, hinges, pivots, catches, lifts and pulls, and stays.

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