January 11, 2021

5 of the Biggest Home Trends for 2021

Have you made your 2021 resolution yet? Make a plan to refresh your space! We’re all spending more of our days at home, and now is the perfect time for an upgrade. Discover five of the biggest design trends to get you inspired this year!

Natural Stone and Light Wood Tones

Stone, marble and ceramic are becoming more popular in kitchens and bathrooms, and light, natural stones are being used more frequently for fireplace facades. To complement these materials, people are opting for light wood and white window frames, curtains and shades to brighten up their space.

Darker Colors

Many decorators are choosing rich jewel tones, like burgundy, dark green and deep teal, to add a bold hue to rooms and make them feel cozier. Home exterior colors are also trending to the darker side, with many people opting for Victorian-inspired features with black and dark gray moldings.

Warmer Neutrals

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of gray tones and cool neutrals being used in paint colors and home decor. People are shifting to neutrals with yellow or pink undertones, like soft beiges and buttery off-whites, to add warmth and comfort to their space. 

Traditional Styles

Many people are leaning more towards vintage pieces and traditional looks over minimal, modern designs throughout their home. This can be achieved with our French hinged doors and windows that match your home’s existing traditional architecture. 

Curved Lines

Architectural details such as arches, curves, circles and scallops are on the rise. This design trend works well for all types of homes — from mid-century to traditional, postmodern and new-build homes. Our specialty windows are ideal for incorporating this look and will add beautiful visual interest to your space. 

Make a resolution to upgrade your windows and doors this year! We offer a variety of styles and finishes to complement 2021 trends, and best of all, our windows and doors last for years to come. Browse our selection of replacement windows and doors and schedule a free consultation today! 


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