May 25, 2021

4 Important Window & Door Safety Tips

Your safety is top priority, and your home should be the place you feel safest. Keep yourself and your family protected with our helpful window and door safety tips.

1. Remember to Lock Your Windows

Nothing beats the cool breeze on a summer night. But if you’re frequently opening and closing your windows to let in the fresh air, it can be easy to forget to lock your windows. If you have interior locks, then you can securely latch your windows while keeping the windows open for ventilation. If not, keep it top of mind to lock your windows whenever you close them. 

2. Keep Furniture Away from Windows

If you have children around, you know they are playful and full of energy. Having large furniture, such as couches and tables, near an open window can increase the likelihood of an accident happing. For their safety, keep furniture a good distance away, so they can’t easily access windows. 

3. Test Your Windows Regularly

Windows can be life-saving in the event of a fire or other emergency. Check that your windows open and close easily and safely at least once a month. If you notice issues, don’t risk it! It may  be time to replace them. Be proactive and view our options.

4. Make Sure Doors are Well-Lit

Whether you choose a string of decorative lights around your porch or a permanent light fixture, make sure your doors have ample lighting so that you can always see who is around and so your guests feel at ease walking up to your door.

If you already have Renewal by Andersen windows and doors, make sure they function as expected! We want you to have peace of mind. Request service if you notice any issues, and we’d be happy to help!


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