February 10, 2023

A Love Poem to Our Windows

RBA, Clearly the Window for Me
Renewal By Andersen, your design is so fine,
You get better with age, like a bottle of wine.
Your frames, so strong, so elegant, bold,
Your glass, so clear, it never grows old.

You bring light to the room and warmth to the heart,
Features grand yet refined, a true work of art.

Renewal By Andersen, my heart's true delight,
Filling my home with a brilliant light.
Your beauty, your strength, your grand stoic grace,
So beautifully pairs with my home’s every space.

Each time that I see you, my heart skips a beat,
No other window on Earth can compete.
Oh RBA, you’re a true work of art,
You bring light to the darkness, you bring joy to my heart.


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