October 27, 2022

A (Powerful) Pop of Color

With over 300 color options available, the team here at Renewal by Andersen is often left daydreaming of all the possibilities our window frames hold. There’s just something so striking about a pop of color in your home, especially when it comes from such an essential piece of the room like a window. Here are 4 reasons we love choosing colorful window frames:






High contrast is highly appealing.

Whether it’s black frames in a bright, contemporary space or dark blue frames in an airy, coastal living room, a high contrast design can elevate any room. It’s a sharp look that instantly creates a high-end feel in any home.

High contrast is highly appealing.


The right color is timeless.

When you choose a classic color like black or dark bronze for your window frame, you’re choosing a style that gets better with age. These fresh, contemporary colors camouflage the intricacies of the window and provide a striking, timeless look. 

High contrast is highly appealing.


It’s a great way to frame your view.

We’ve talked about how colorful window frames make your house look, but how about how they change your view? The same way a smooth piece of walnut frames an oil painting, custom-made color frames are a beautiful way to frame your home’s views. No matter if it’s a rain storm rolling in, a sunrise coming up, or a snow flurry coming down – it’s all captured perfectly in your colorful window frame. 

High contrast is highly appealing.


It adds a touch of personality.

No matter what aesthetic you’re going for in your home, you’re guaranteed to match it with Renewal by Andersen Windows. Did you know there are over 300 color options to choose from? It’s never been easier to match your style – and your personality – with our wide selection of color choices. 

High contrast is highly appealing.

Are you ready to find your perfect color? Browse our extensive selection of color options and contact us today!


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