January 27, 2020

6 Ways to Make Your Windows Safe for Children

With spring on its way, you’ll soon open your windows to let in the fresh air; however, this can also pose a risk to young children. We all know how quickly a child can go from quietly playing with their toys to climbing up banisters and window sills, which can lead to falling and injury. If you have young children in your home or friends and family with kids that visit often, take a look at six ways to prevent injury from open windows. 

  1. Choose double-hung or casement windows. We’re able to install casement windows with a reverse vertical hinge and double-hung windows that open from the top, making it nearly impossible for children to accidentally fall out from them. 
  2. Use window stops. Have your heart set on a specific window style? We recommend using window stops. Be sure to keep the opening at four inches or less when children are present for maximum safety.
  3. Move furniture away from windows. Keeping sofas, beds and cribs away from windows will discourage kids from climbing near them.
  4. Lock your windows. Keep your windows locked when they’re not in use. This is not only safe for your children, but it will also help deter potential intruders.
  5. Install window guards. They have bars no more than four inches apart and are sold in various sizes to fit any window. They’re great for preventing children from falling out of high windows and can be easily removed by older children and adults in case of emergency.
  6. Don’t rely on insect screens. Insect screens will not keep children from falling out of windows. Make sure to take other measures to ensure the safety of young children in your home.

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