January 27, 2023

Choosing the Right Window Style for You

New windows are always exciting, but the process of choosing the windows themselves? Well, it can be a little daunting. That’s why we created a little guide to help you get started! 

First, consider your home’s architectural style.
Your home’s architecture plays a big role in deciding your window style. With every era of architecture carrying its own set of characteristics and features, it can majorly influence the overall style of the window scheme. Let your home’s architecture guide decisions like frame color, glass type, and overall window style. This will establish a great foundation for making smaller stylistic choices.

Then, think about the style of each room.
Once you’ve decided on the overall look of your window style, you may want to change up the size and shape of individual windows to work within each room. Is the window being fitted in a moody, cozy library? An open, airy living room? Considering the room’s overall atmosphere can help you start narrowing down these decisions. 

And now that we’ve discussed form, consider function.
Maybe you want large casement windows to match your mid-century modern living room. Or maybe you want bifold windows to let afternoon breezes into your open-concept dining room. Whatever your window wishlist may be, make sure you consider its function just as much as its form. (P.S. Local fire codes may also direct your decision-making in this case.)

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when choosing the right window style for your home. If we could sum it all up, we’d tell you this: Use your home’s architectural style as a base for color and overall style, use individual rooms to refine individual window styles, and always be sure that a window’s function is being considered as much as its form. 

And as always, your local RBA team is here to help with questions, advice, and all things windows!


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