March 22, 2022

Don’t Forget to Spring Clean Your Windows

The weather is warming up, plants are starting to bloom, and it’s time to start checking things off your spring cleaning to-do list.

Spring cleaning is all about opening up your windows to let in the fresh air and shake out all the winter dust from inside your home. So it’s important to give a little attention to the windows themselves. Clean, sparkling windows can add shine to your exterior and allow you to look out and see the beautiful season outside.

When cleaning our exclusive Fibrex® composite material, it’s best to use a mild solution of soap and water with a non-abrasive rag or brush. This can be used on your Fibrex® frames, sashes and grilles.

For glass, it’s best to first wipe away the dust and grime with a soft, dry cloth and then use a mild cleaning solution, such as soapy water, diluted vinegar, or liquid window cleaner, and wipe in a circular motion. Be sure to use a clean, lint-free cloth rather than paper towels for the best results.

Don’t forget to vacuum your window tracks and wipe down your window sills, too. This will make it easier to open and close your windows.

Want more tips? View our window care guides here and contact us with any questions. We’re here to help!


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