April 14, 2023

Three Reasons Why Energy-Efficient Windows Are Easy To Love

With Earth Day just around the corner, let’s shine the spotlight on our energy-efficient windows! Renewal by Andersen’s energy-efficient windows provides many benefits to the homeowner and their home. Here are the top reasons why energy-efficient windows are easy to love:

#1: They’re better for the environment.
Sure, maybe it’s a no-brainer… but this is so important it deserves a spot at #1! When you choose energy-efficient windows, you support the environment by using less energy. In turn, you reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Much of our energy efficiency is credited to Fibrex®, our proprietary composite framing material that insulates about 700 times better than aluminum. When you’ve got materials like Fibrex® on your side, you’ve got the environment close to your heart!

#2: They lower your heating and cooling costs.
Consider this one a reward for putting the environment first! Energy-efficient windows can make a meaningful impact on your heating and cooling bills. In fact, some of our windows can cut your energy bill by up to 25%. We combine high-quality products with professional installation to help ensure every window (and energy bill!) operates at its peak performance level. An added bonus of installing our energy-efficient windows is a tax credit of up to $500 available to qualifying customers.  

#3: They protect your home from harmful UV rays. 
We love lots of sunshine and natural light, but not at the expense of our curtains, artwork, and furniture! Harmful UV rays can cause discoloration and fade to many of the objects in our homes. Thankfully, glass options like our High-Performance Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass block 95% of those UV rays, helping reduce the amount of sun damage that occurs.

At Renewal by Andersen, there are plenty of options to choose from when deciding your windows’ level of energy performance. No matter which option you choose, keep this in mind: True energy efficiency doesn’t come from one specific feature, but rather the whole-window performance. That’s why we put so much focus on the frame, the glass, and the professional installation process. Looking at the big picture helps ensure your windows go above and beyond in every way!

If you’re interested in learning more about our energy-efficient window options, call 877.806.8007.


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