March 24, 2023

Warm Up Your Windows for Spring

The days are getting warmer and the sun is shining a little longer. Do you know what that means? Spring is on its way! To celebrate the season’s upcoming arrival, we’ve rounded up a few tips and tricks to incorporate the warmth and joy of spring into your window space.

Tip #1: Fill your windowsill. 

No matter how big or small, there’s so much potential just sitting on your windowsill! A larger windowsill could house some cozy cushions, while a smaller space could make the perfect nesting shelf for books, picture frames, or a small plant. (Even better if these new pieces incorporate spring colors or a floral pattern!) These personal touches are bound to make you fall more in love with your home.

Tip #2: Get creative with curtains.

Curtains are one of the easiest changes you can make while still really packing a punch. We recommend trying out some light, sheer panels. They have a tendency to soak up every ray of sunlight and in turn, brighten your space! Doing this once may inspire you to change your curtains every season!

Tip #3: Turn to the outdoors.

What’s on the other side of your windows can be just as important as what’s on the inside. Thankfully, there are so many ways to revitalize your exterior window space! You can give your shutters a fresh coat of paint, add some beautiful blooms to your garden bed, or even install some window boxes for some additional green space. You’ll be shocked how a few simple updates can really transform your window views! 

As we weather through these next few weeks of winter, we hope these tips help you feel spring's warmth (and proximity!) Here’s to a sunny season full of bright blooms and beautiful views!


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