July 11, 2022

What To Do With Sunny Windows

Do you have windows that let in a ton of natural light? Make the most of your sunny windows!

Soften the Lights

While the natural light can brighten a room, there are times of the day where it may seem like too much. If your daylight is distracting, pick out drapes that complement your window and your room. If the sunny window is in a bedroom, consider blackout curtains that allow you to sleep better. If the window is in a living space, consider sheer curtains that still let in some daylight without being too harsh.

Create a Seating Area

Depending on where your sunny windows are located, you could turn the space into a breakfast or reading nook. For a breakfast space, add a small table and chairs beside the window. Natural sunlight can provide endorphins and boost your mood for the day. For a reading nook, add a comfy chair and lightweight curtains that will soften the daylight.

Add Plants to Your Space

Most indoor plants thrive with a lot of natural light, and they’ve been known to improve air quality, reduce stress and boost creativity. Visit your local plant nursery or garden center to find the perfect plants for your home.

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